Monday, March 23, 2009

Should Our Lady's University honor Obama?

Sign the petition protesting the scandal of Notre Dame honoring pro-abortion President Obama with an invitation to speak here


Greta said...

Good to see you support this. Anxious to see what Bishop D'Arcy does with it.

James Straight said...

I'm hoping and praying that the bishop shows some backbone here and steps in to prevent the University from giving Barrack "the butcher" Obama anything but a stern lecture on the evils of abortion.


Anonymous said...

The question has been answered by their bishop. Bishop D'Arcy has said he will not attend the commencement ceremony because of the choice of Obama as the honored speaker and recepient of an honorary law degree.

I think the Bishop's response is perfect.

Tim Lang

Anonymous said...

A number of posts on other blogs express disappointment with Bishop D'Arcy's response, too weak etc.

In my post here from 20 min. ago I said I thought it was perfect.

Why? Because the bishop took action that involves himself. He notes that he has attended every N.D. commencement since he has been their Bishop and now because of N.D.'s actions he is boycotting the commencement.

This is a tremendous but appropriate smack to the university. The successor to the apostles has publicly rebuked Fr. Jenkens and the university.

The faculty that consider themselves serious Catholics should ask themselves if they are going to stand with Christ's representative?

Tim Lang

Father Martin Fox said...

I think given Father Jenkins' response, that Catholics and all prolifers should keep turning up the heat.

I'm sad about this. I hate to see Notre Dame turn into Georgetown.

Greta said...

I think the response is weak. If they were opening an abortion clinic, a statement about life would have little impact. He has some options well founded in the civil rights movement.

He could attend, but when Obama speaks either stand up and go forward to speak the truth of the gospel of life or go forward and lay down on the stage as a silent sit in protest, or lead a march at the site protesting his involvement. Staying away probably gives ND a relief as opposed to his presence.

I seriously doubt they would deny him access to the stage. It is time to be bold in the fight for innocent children under the gun of Obama. I refuse to call anyone president who murders children.

Anonymous said...

The Bishop needs to show some backbone, he needs to stand up for what he and all good Catholics believes in. Not attending the ceremony just "ain't" enough. Why don't he appeal to the POPE if he must; to get this so called priest Jenkins removed from Norte Dame. Come on Bishop you talk a good game now is the time for action. Stand up and fight for the unborn and all good praticing Catholics.
You are supposed to be the leader of the flock. Show it.