Monday, March 09, 2009


I'm feeling a lot better, thanks for all the prayers and good wishes.

I spent most of the past four days sleeping or resting, taking it easy. I started feeling a lot better yesterday afternoon: happily, after offering the Sacrifice of the Mass!

Some strange kind of virus. Maybe it was the flu? (I had a flu shot first time in my life last fall.)

Reread Atlas Shrugged, for a laugh, several ways!

Well, since I've been out of the office for several days, I'll be plenty busy tomorrow! Catch you later in the week, perhaps.


Jeffrey Tucker said...

you read Atlas? I never have. The Fountainhead was more than I could take. I might go to my grave not having read the "most important book of the 20th century."

Do you really recommend it?

Father Martin Fox said...


Fountainhead is much better.

Do I recommend it? Well, sorta, kinda, with all manner of qualifications.

It's a great concept that unfortunately, was executed badly; yet there are bits of it that are fun, and the basic story is a good and useful one. Too bad everyone is constantly giving speeches to each other instead of dialogue.

I was thinking, after I finished it last night, someone should rewrite it and condense it. Then, I realized--assuming there were no copyright issues--that her acolytes would go absolutely nuts, and that's why it'll never happen.

But a movie script would be fun, and that would be the chance to clean up the problems: such as the notion that the collapse of the last bridge over the Mississippi causes the immediate and total collapse of New York City, to mention just one.

A smart scriptwriter would omit a lot of the goofy anti-religious stuff, because it's so embarrassingly bad.

Father Martin Fox said...

By the way, I am aware of far more flaws, I just don't have time to list them all, and others have done it far better.

Greta said...

Father, great to have you improved. I have gone through 3 months with whooping cough along with my wife. Got so bad at one point that I was passing out from coughing so hard and ended up in the hospital where it was finally diagnosed correctly.

There has been outbreaks of this in many areas of Ohio. St Francis in Lebanon had an outbreak and later heard of it in Centerville and Springboro. It is nasty...

Would advise people talk to their doc about shots for this. since we had it, we are immune according to the docs for at least 10 years.