Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busy days

Here is a condensed account of my past few days, made busy both by the liturgical season, the wrapping-up of the school year, tax season, and a parish mission:

Saturday: the calm before the storm. I had 4 pm Mass at St. Boniface, but also had to coordinate meeting with Father Nathan, our mission speaker who was arriving "between 3 and 4" and was scheduled to preach at the 4 and 5 pm Masses, plus all Masses the next day. He arrived in time, we worked out plans for the weekend, and after preaching at the 4 pm Mass, he booked over to St. Mary to take the 5 pm Mass. That was helpful, because my parochial vicar is ill at the moment.

After 5 pm Mass, we had a "spring social" at that parish, which raises funds to help students attend Lehman High School. But I had promised to take our visiting priest out to dinner; so I quickly made the rounds at the party, then the vicar and I took our visitor to dinner. That was the only time, till now, we all sat down to dinner together and about the only time I had much of a conversation with our mission priest.

Sunday: I was up early, made coffee for our visitor who had a long day, preaching at 5 Masses, and offering two of them. My first Mass was 9 am, then I had noon. At 1 pm I had two baptisms; at 2 pm I was meeting with the high school students to get their input on our new, 5 pm Mass on Sunday. Between 4-5:30 I was with the junior high group, and I met with some of the 8th graders who are preparing for confirmation. At 6 pm we had a pizza party with the high school students, I stopped in there for a few slices of pie. At 7 pm our mission began, so I was in church making sure all was in order. During the talk, I heard confessions, along with our ill vicar. At 8 pm, I began exposition, for a holy hour, then back for more confessions; we concluded the holy hour at 9 pm, and Father Nathan, our mission speaker, stayed for individual conferences.

Monday: my off day. I had a few things to do at the office, and then I had the mission at 7pm, same plan as the night before.

Tuesday: a morning of reflection with the staff and our mission speaker, then an appointment and a busy afternoon in the office. Same plan at the mission with 2 hours of confessions. Ate dinner around 10 pm.

Today: had some quiet time this morning, then an appointment; then busy day in the office. About to head to the chapel for confessions, then Mass. No Bible Study tonight, due to the final evening of our mission; but more confessions tonight.

I have a penance service in McCartyville tomorrow night, and that means I can't attend the school board meeting, and I need to call the school board chairman beforehand--maybe later tonight.

Oh, and I have to do my taxes. Friday I guess.

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