Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A new auxiliary bishop!

Congratulations to my friend, Father Joseph Binzer, just named auxiliary bishop for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati!

Father Binzer has a deserved good reputation as a hard working, humble priest who is very wise and very attentive in his many roles. He currently serves as chancellor for the Archdiocese, a position of great importance for the local church: he advises the Archbishop on legal matters, and makes sure legal matters are well handled. He is also a resource to pastors and parishes, and I can tell you when I've sent him emails or called him, he's always been very responsive and helpful. He has also served as pastor of Saint Louis Parish in downtown Cincinnati. Even though it's a downtown parish, I'm sure it still places plenty of demands on his time.

Father has also taught at the seminary, and he taught me--but do not hold that against him, he tried his best! I had him for a course in canon law, and another course in business matters. As far as I can tell, he receives a lot of respect. I certainly respect him.

Of course, now every priest in the archdiocese is wondering, or making confident predictions about, who will replace him as chancellor! We'll find out eventually...

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mrsdarwin said...

My father has worked with Fr. Binzer and is thrilled at the appointment. He says almost exactly what you say of him -- that he's humble and holy and hardworking. Congratulations to the Archdiocese!