Friday, April 15, 2011

St. Boniface update

Full disclosure: this post is a dodge from doing my taxes...

I stepped into St. Boniface Church a little bit ago to see how work was progressing, here's an update:

1) As reported already, the ceiling and walls are finished--well, almost! We have some special touches behind several statues that we may not have finished by Easter.

We did, along the way, see a need for redoing the stations, for example; but that will have to be done down the road.

2) The tile floor is finished, but it needs a good cleaning. The wood floor is (very nearly) finished: we have some edging or whatever you call it in several places to do. The vinyl flooring in the choir loft is being installed today. The carpeting for the vestibules and sacristies is about to go in.

3) The pews are all in place, and the kneelers--yes, we will have kneelers, no fear!--are being installed as I speak. The new pews are very handsome.

4) The young lady who is restoring the statues is finishing up on the Pieta and a couple of others. They'll be in place by Easter. We had a discussion about the Lord's body not looking too "healthy."

5) The altar is back in place, which is so important spiritually. I am very happy about that.

6) The sanctuary lamp is in place, but not lit yet of course; it will be lit at the Easter Vigil.

7) One sacristy has been painted; the other one, not yet.

8) The six paintings of the saints will be installed next week; the artist is back in Wisconsin, executing them. I haven't talked to him, I hope all is well with him; otherwise, that may move back a week.

9) Still a lot of stuff has to be moved around and put back in place. Holy Week here we come!

10) We will have the Vigil Mass here, no matter what.

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