Saturday, April 09, 2011

Parish Mission in Piqua April 9-13

The Cross of Christ, Source of True Hope with Fr. Nathan Cromly

Come to Piqua this weekend to hear Father Nathan call us back to the Cross of our Savior!

Father Cromly has a powerful message that will speak to all hearts. He was very well received at a recent "Cast Your Nets" youth rally, and is a frequent and popular speaker at mothers' retreats in this area.


Saturday & Sunday: Father Nathan will preach at all Masses (Saturday, 4 pm at St. Boniface and 5 pm at St. Mary; Sunday, 7 am at St. Boniface, 9 am at St. Mary, 10:30 am at St. Boniface, Noon and 5 pm at St. Mary).

Evening talks at 7 pm Sunday-Wednesday in St. Mary Church, 528 Broadway, in Piqua Ohio. At 8 pm, a holy hour will follow, with confessions available as well as spiritual direction.

Monday morning will feature a special day session on Scripture and the Mass, beginning with Mass at 8 am, followed by Father's talk. Also at Saint Mary Church.

Father Nathan is a member of the Community of Saint John, which sponsors a youth program called Eagle Eye.

This is not only an opportunity to strengthen your own faith, but also to invite others who need a spiritual boost.


Anonymous said...

What is the "spiritual direction" you mentioned in your post going to consist of? Would it be a separate thing from a confession session or together with confession? Just wondering as this is something I need. Thanks!

Fr Martin Fox said...


By "spiritual direction" I mean Father Nathan will meet with you, and offer you guidance and direction; it's not the same as confession, but it sometimes coincides with it.