Saturday, January 07, 2012

Fixing dinner...

Today I've been busy with a dinner for our parish staffs.

The menu is as follows...

Before dinner:

Cheese & crackers
Chips & dip
Soft and hard drinks


Rosemary roast chicken
Three cheese lasagna
Steamed vegetables
Garlic potatoes
Rolls and butter
Various wines


Fruit salad

Here's my checklist thus far:

6:45 Dinner is ready to serve
6:40 Place vegetables, potatoes and rolls on table
6:40 Place Lasagna & chicken platters on table
6:30 Heat potatoes and vegetables
5:30 Butter dish and other items on table
6:00 Chickens out of oven
Lasagna out of oven
5:30 pm Lasagna in oven
5:15 pm check chickens; move to warming oven as needed
5:15 pm Return from St. Boniface
3:30 pm Depart for St. Boniface
3:15 pm Chickens in oven
2:30 pm Prep chickens
1:00 pm Take food over to school kitchen
Noon Set tables in St. Mary Room

You'll notice the list is in reverse order. I don't know how others do it, but when I plan events like this, I plan my time backward, so I start things on time, but not too early and certainly not too late.

The last three items are italics because I've checked them off. Next is a shower (not on the list!) and then to take care of the chickens.

And, yes, there are other items not included; these were the things that I needed to plan; the rest I'm not worried about.

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