Friday, January 27, 2012

NCR Crowd clueless

As we gear up to defend ourselves, as Catholics--and all Americans--from President Obama's declaration of war against religious freedom, one hopes a "liberal" publication such as the National (so called) Catholic Reporter would be on our side.

Well, to date the NCR has published two great articles from Michael Sean Winters, a pro-Obama blogger who is furious at the President for his administration's order that employers, regardless of religious principles, must pay to provide contraception, sterilization and abortion-causing drugs, as part of health care. This, of course, applies to churches, with only the slimmest exemption that may apply to parishes, perhaps parochial schools, but no farther.

But it has also published two articles explicitly attacking the bishops and endorsing this move by our government.

Then, today, is a fairly neutral article describing our bishops gearing up. The bishops, thank God, are roused with righteous anger, as we all should be.

Well, I'll let you find your way over there to see the mostly depressing comments by NCR's readers.

To their mind, the bishops refusing to go along represents an imposition by Catholics on the rest of our country!

If the matter were not so weighty, it would be comical. Editors of the NCR: do you read the comments from your own readers?

It reminds me of the demands, by King Henry VIII's minions, of Thomas More. He was content to resign as chancellor, and to remain silent ever after about the King's actions regarding his Queen and Parliament's declaration that the King--not the pope--was head of the Church in England. More simply asked to remain silent. He refused to sign the oath, but he refused to give any reason.

This was intolerable. Thus a show trial was trumped up, with perjured testimony, in order to send him to the gallows. Of course all this is vividly depicted in the famous play, "A Man For All Seasons." If I can imbed it properly, here's the scene from youtube:

I'd heartily recommend a viewing if you are looking for something to do on a winter's evening.

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Greta said...

We reap what we sow. The USCCB have allowed open dissent in Catholic institutions for years and now as we see our liberty being taken away, it will be hard for them to gain traction in a movement to stop the Obama administration. The various diocese are filled with those who openly support issues and values that are in direct oppostion to Church teaching and are given a fig leaf to even support the murder of innocent babies at the rate of 4,000 a day for "social justice" issues which are filled with anything anyone wants to put into them. This goes back to "seamless garment" and beyound to the open dissent and attack of Humane Vitae. Then they did themselves no favors when they hid away child abusers and allowed open homosexual seminaries to flourish. When you have sold your soul to Satan for decades, it is hard to gain traction. When you weasal around the party of death and strong condemnation of abortion and honor the likes of Ted Kennedy, you have built your house on sand. When Catholic Universities and even our high schools are taking our children and turning them against Catholic teaching and you do nothing or when you sit back and watch as ND honors the likes of Obama and nothing is done, few are going to listen. The diocese of the USA need to be cleansed and we need to have a smaller church that actually is united in our beliefs from which we can grow.