Saturday, January 28, 2012

A new assignment

(I am reading the following statement at all Masses in Piqua this weekend.)

As I described in the bulletin two months ago, pastors are routinely assigned for six-year terms, and when those terms end, they can be given new assignments, or else appointed for a second term.

My term as your pastor is coming due June 30 and thus Archbishop Schnurr faced a decision about either re-appointing me or giving me a new assignment.

After discussing the matter with the Archbishop, and Bishop Binzer, and giving consideration to the needs of the parishes, the Archbishop believes that I have done all I can do for the parishes in Piqua. I will be given a new assignment come July 1 but I don’t know yet what that will be. A new pastor will be sent here for both parishes. New pastors are usually announced in March or April.

In March, Bishop Binzer will come to Piqua and meet with the pastoral councils, the finance councils, the school board, and anyone else who wishes to participate, in order to explain how a new pastor is chosen and how this fits in with the needs of parishes in the area.

I have been honored to be your pastor.


truthfinder2 said...

Selfishly, I hope you aren't sent far away, because my husband and I have yet to make it to Piqua to see the church building (inside), and we've never heard you preach. But I believe that you have laid bare your heart in the homilies you've posted here, especially in the last few. Judging from what I've read from other priests and bishops, if you do suffer for the faith, you will not be alone. And those of us in the laity who love Our Lord and the Church will be right there with you. We will certainly be praying and fasting for this unjust law to be overturned, may be His plan and His time for the Church here to suffer in solidarity with persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. May we be found faithful! --- Rosemary

Chase (@marleyblakedog) said...

Does the archdiocese reveal to the parish its criteria regarding renewals/reassignments? i.e., is there a rubric of some sort that they use to form these decisions? I'm just curious; this is the first time facing a priest change as a conscious, adult Catholic, and I'm not aware of how transparent the archdiocese is on such matters. Thank you for 6 effective years in the Piqua community.

- Chase

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thank you; I don't know where I'll be assigned, it could be anywhere in the Archdiocese.


Thanks Chase.

The calculus used is hard to describe, because it involves both a lot of subjective criteria, and of course, it all depends on the set of available priests and the set of open assignments. Bottom line is, the personnel board will have perhaps a dozen or so openings, and the same number of priests, and they try to match them up the best they can. Factor in the priests' own preferences.

Mark said...

would love to see you down here in Cincinnati. There are several parishes in need of a pastor who is as strong in the faith as you. Also, having you near the seminary might be a good asset for vocation support.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Thanks, we'll see. I could be assigned anywhere, but that decision lies ahead.

Mike said...

I hope that they would reconsider and let you stay with us but i know better. Father I and everyone in my family will be praying for you. I really would like if they would keep you close around here. I also need to talk to you so I can get some stuff of my chest and get closer to the good lord and you are the one that can doit for me.... I will see you Sunday at Mass if you have it


Mike Richard Jr.

Fr Martin Fox said...


I'll be at 7 am tomorrow; and if we don't have time to talk then, give me a call this week so we can set up a time.

And thanks for your comment!

Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

I'm up this year, too. I haven't heard back yet what the PPB would like to do in my case. Then, St. Boniface comes before St. Michael in the alphabet.