Thursday, January 05, 2012

More on the NCR's rebellion against the Catholic Faith

At the site of my friend, Father John Zuhlsdorf, I saw a link to some documents from the '60s about the National (so-called) Catholic Reporter--which is sadly a very vigorous advocate of dissent, and frequently and actively opposes several teachings of the Church, and meanwhile pours acid on the foundations of the Faith generally.

If you don't care to follow the link, it both tells the sad story of how the NCR started as a diocesan publication, but parted company, and before long, the bishop himself was forced to rebuke the publication publicly for no longer being truly Catholic.

It's sad to think their dissent and denial of truths of the Faith weren't so persistent; however, the hopeful thought is that, perhaps they've improved a bit since then? Maybe that is too wistful a hope.

I share this with you because if you go to a site such as the NCR, or pick up a copy and see "Catholic," you might reasonably assume it is Catholic. I think it's necessary to clarify that.

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Greta said...

Great Post. I find it interesting that so many so called Catholic Blogs post stories from this Katholic source without bothering to also post how it is in dissent from Church teaching.

I find the same sites seeming to have non stop posts about the Archidocese of Detroit going after Real Catholic TV based on their use of the word Catholic in their name without approval of this Archdiocese even when the owner of Real Catholic TV is not in that diocese.

Deacons Bench blog is one that constantly throws out horrible teaching and bans anyone who tries to establish what the Catholic Church actually teaches as the Deacon did with me.

I also find it amazing that other Deacons and even some priests go here for their dissent.