Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hobby Lobby, Little Sisters, Contraception

Many of us are waiting to hear how the U.S. Supreme Court will rule tomorrow on the twin cases brought by two businesses against the federal government (specifically, the Department of Health and Human Services) over it's mandate coercing employers to help employees obtain contraceptives, sterilization and certain abortion-causing drugs -- and to hell with their consciences.

Meanwhile, I was wondering, what became of the Little Sisters of the Poor who likewise have sued over this very mandate? Does this ruling affect them?

I'm not a lawyer, of course, but the Supreme Court could, I suppose, rule in such a broad fashion as to give the Little Sisters what they seek. Alternately, they might rule in such a way as to make it unlikely the Little Sisters will prevail. And, of course, they rule narrowly, and the lawsuit by the sisters will continue to work it's way through the courts.

When I went searching for an update, I found this at the website for the Becket Fund. The short update is: the Little Sisters' case is before a lower court; and if you recall some action by the Supreme Court, you're correct: the high court gave an injunction from obeying the mandate while the sisters seek judicial remedies.

In any case, prayer is the order of the day. I fear a negative outcome, because I think there are members of the U.S. Supreme Court who don't want to be seen as "at war" with the other branches, and/or do not like to be seen as too activist. In short, they are sensitive to the criticisms of the Washington Post and such folks.. And this term, the executive branch has lost, repeatedly -- and in spectacular fashion -- in several cases. The other case to be handed down tomorrow might also be cast as "activist." So will the High Court try to soften the blow?

Let us pray that is not so. Again I say, be sure to pray!


Trooper York said...

It looks like religious liberty survived by a one vote majority on the Supreme Court.

A scary thought.

Trooper York said...

More prayers are needed.

Maybe lighting a candle or two.

I will add a couple to St Jude this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lighting a candle! Fr. Martin, I read about your Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in an article in the Catholic Beat. Please check out a book I've written on the subject "The Answer for Families" at my blog Thank you!

Anonymous said...

This is certainly a good example of how effective prayer and fasting is. For I know MANY have done such for this very decision. As Phyllis Schlafly recently posted, "Of course, these decisions hardly settle the questions they address, but they are nevertheless positive for the pro-family agenda."

Fr Shenan also commented,"The full implications of this decision are not yet known, but this appears to be at least some good news in the fight for religious freedom. What many found deeply disturbing about this case was not only the assault on religious freedom, but the manipulation of scientific facts in order to support a radical political agenda promoting abortion."

Though I agree with Fr. Fox's comments today in his homily at Mass, we can't put a lot of trust in a 5-4 decision of mere men, this decision, will I think, have a profound affect on the cases still to come...

Fr Martin Fox said...

Sorry wireless issues...