Friday, June 13, 2014

Sam Adams hates Catholics. Goodbye.

I really love Sam Adams beer. It's amazingly good. Jim Koch was one of the pioneers in the micro-brewery movement. He makes great beers.

But -- Jim Koch doesn't love Catholics who keep their Faith.

Earlier this year, Sam Adams announced it wouldn't have anything to do with the St. Patrick Parade in New York City, so long as this Catholic event continued to uphold Catholic teaching (regarding chastity).

The Saint Patrick Parade group said anyone could march -- anyone! -- but the march was Catholic -- so nothing opposing Catholic teaching was allowed.

That meant no banners advocating sodomy. Oops!

They put the arm on Jim Koch -- who caved. How dare a Catholic event be...Catholic? Saith Jim Koch.

So I swore off Sam Adams.

Jim Koch of Sam Adams hates Catholics (who are Catholic). So why should you give him your money?


the Feds said...

Thanks for the information, Fr. Martin. Your suggestion works for me as well!

Jennifer said...

Chastity brings people happiness and peace. Believe me, after separating from my husband, I have had many opportunities to "date." With a couple of wealthy men, no less!

But I know better. I read a wonderful book by Fr. Benedict Groeschel, which helped me to decide to remain chaste and celibate. There really was no other choice, once I read this book...

Sorry you will be missing your beer, Father. But chastity is really underrated. It is much better than being "hot" or whatever. Good for you for understanding and encouraging the rest of us!

Trooper York said...

There are other reasons not to drink Sam Adams beer.

About ten years ago the Opie and Anthony radio show had a contest called "Sex for Sam" where contestants vived for a prize by having sex in public places while it was being described on the radio. One of the places they went was St. Patrick's Cathedral. The gentleman you mention was on the radio at the time and was laughing away like there was no problem with this and that it was A-OK. Opie and Anthony lost their show because of it and were throw off WNEW at the time.

They landed on their feet and got another show but I never had a Sam Adams beer again.

Deacon David Oatney said...

I love their beers...I swore them off back when they ran a commercial quoting the Declaration of Independence that deliberately omitted mention of the Almighty,

rcg said...

Have not drunk it since the Opie and Anthony show deal. The non-apology was the worst part. Lame sell out.

Michael M. said...

I also stopped buying Sam Adams beer after they dropped their sponsorship of the St. Patricks's Day parade. Same for Heineken, which did the same.