Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bad Sunday Night Television (reprise)

This may be my first regular feature.

Tonight, it's "Category 7: the End of the World."

Now--who can resist a title like that?

I couldn't. The first few minutes center on Paris, France--clearly marked out for destruction. Who doesn't like that idea? Then we have the first stereotype: an earnest expert whom the powerful scoff at. Well, we know they'll die--and sure enough, one of them does, pretty quick. In the meantime, we learn how "thin" the expert's evidence is: why, a whole spate of cities in the U.S. have been plastered--but why worry?

Meanwhile, folks are having a time on the streets of Paris, while Armageddon brews in the sky--but why worry?

After Paris gets stomped, we cut back to D.C. An officious bureaucrat declares: "sorry, vacations are cancelled." Oh, what dialogue!

This is pretty entertaining, actually--I've been laughing pretty hard.

For a funny review, see this.

Update: just when you think, it couldn't get better, it did! KILLER FROGS! And not just killer frogs, but exotic, poisonous KILLER FROGS! At a political wine-and-cheese party! The frogs on display (oh, the oppression!) begin jumping out of the cases, and leap at the guests!! The hapless victims fall to floor, quivering and foaming at the mouth!

Is this great television or what?!?

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Ray from MN said...

But I find it interesting that in two weeks of rioting, there have been only 3 deaths: the 2 that were the cause of the whole incident who had hid themselves inside an electrical transformer setup when they were being chased by police wanting to see their IDs (suspected of being illegals, I guess).

And one guy got killed by a rioter.

And I have not heard one report of “looting.” And the French Army still has not been called out. A “curfew” has been declared.

Now if that had been happening in this country, there probably would have been at least 150 deaths, with battalions of “defenders” perched on rooftops sniping at moving targets and well armed looters/rioters on the streets firing back. The National Guard would have been called out on the second day. Curfews would have been a joke in many areas.

Thousands of stores would have been looted and neighborhoods ablaze and devastated.

It appears that maybe 1000 cars have been burned. And I suppose a few buildings.

Maybe France deserve what it has been getting, but they sure are going about it in a more civilized fashion than we would have if it was happening here.