Friday, November 18, 2005

Who watches this moronic stuff?

I have been watching "Matrix Reloaded," which is mildly diverting entertainment. But then comes ads for "Sex and the City"--and the banality of it reminds me of another popular show, "Desperate Housewives."

Who watches this stuff?


Victor said...

Who watches this stuff?

Huh? What?

The DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR fanboy dares spout in this vein?

Irony is dead.

Bernard Brandt said...

No, irony is not dead. It has, however, few listeners.

Father Martin Fox said...


I like "Dude, Where's My Car" because it's funny and harmless.

If you're telling me "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives" are actually funny, and not mild propaganda for our sex-addicted culture, than I guess I misjudged them.

Mark Anthony said...

Irony is not dead, nor does it sleep. It has few listeners, though, because it is such a stern, if excellent, teacher. Irony also requires the ability to laugh at one's self, which is in short supply these days.

As for my two cents' worth, I abhor "Sex and the City" but love "Desperate Housewives." The difference? "Sex and the City" thought it was a vanguard of openmindedness. We were supposed to emulate, or at least appreciate, the values and actions of the characters. "Desperate Housewives" is satire. We may see ourselves in the characters at times, but the proper response is to cringe. No one in their right mind wants to be those people, but we can find truth in their outrageousness.

How's that for over analyzing...

Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

I confess it, I watch "Sex & The City" on TBS, not HBO, because I find it hilarious that for all the sex, these characters are unhappy, unfulfilled and insecure, and it sure looks to me as if it's the sex making them that way.
It's obviously a show about selfishness, and, realistically enough, the characters are made miserable by their selfishness.

joeh said...

Father, from your post it seems like you have way to much time on your hands visiting the vast wasteland called TV. And how come I never see any posts about EWTN programs? I recommend The Journey Home, Around the World with Raymond Arroyo, and anything with Mother Angelica, even if it is a rerun.

Father Martin Fox said...


I didn't realize "Desperate Housewives" was satire. The description you and Paul give of "Sex and the City" tracks with my impression.

Father Martin Fox said...


Thank you for your advice.

I applaud EWTN, but I don't find it as entertaining as others do. I do like Raymond Arroyo's program; but he's not on when I have time to watch TV. Ditto "Journey Home."

There is a great deal to criticize on TV; but not everything.

I think shutting out contemporary entertainment culture would be ill-advised.

Domenico Bettinelli said...

I don't know who watches the,, but apparently the most of the creative teams of both shows are gay men. Seriously.

Makes you think.

joeh said...

"I think shutting out contemporary entertainment culture would be ill-advised."

Father, it is amazing how much the worlds culture can impact the soul. I suggest you spend a little time in prayer and allow your soul to provide the answer to its impact. Can we or should we shut out things which do not feed our soul? God said we could eat of any of the fruit except the one tree and for each of us, that tree is different. The culture we live in is filled with temptation. It is only one channel off, one pass by on the remote as we surf.

"I applaud EWTN, but I don't find it as entertaining as others do." Have you heard this comment from some who do not want to come to mass? "The times are not convenient." Seems like something my kids tell me when I ask about prayer or mass.

"If you're telling me "Sex and the City" and "Desperate Housewives" are actually funny, and not mild propaganda for our sex-addicted culture, than I guess I misjudged them." Obviously you have watched these programs even as you acknowledge them as "mild" propoganda for our sex-addicted culture. No, they are more than propoganda, they are designed to attract one into the culture and by watching them, we demean our Lord.
The addiction is as deadly as drugs and at least as evil and distructive. Father, take this post as a call from somewhere deep within you and pray about it. If after examination of your well formed conscience tells you that this is good for your soul, then have at it. I suspect you will hear a soft voice calling you to spend this time in other things.

Satan is after the soul of a priest on a constant 24x7 clock. He does not rest but prowls around you constantly. You cling to a rock while he throws slime in your way to loosen your grip.
I am far from a Jesus freak, but know how much preists mean to our Lord and in that to Satan. I also do so out of selfishness because my life depends so much on the Eucharist which come from the hands of a priest. Father Willig was a very good friend and when he was dying, he told me everything had changed for him. He know knew how little he was in control and how dependent he was on Christ. His "lessons from the school of suffering" book detailing this time was a read that I go to over and over to remember him and all he did for me.
So I guess I will be a nag in your life and will do so while praying always for your soul. I love the fact that you are so open even to this blog and love the fact that you have said "yes" to our Lord.

Father Martin Fox said...


No doubt I can spend more time in prayer, but I spend more than "a little" time in prayer; your insinuations are uncharitable, to say the least.

I am sorry, I do not believe it appropriate to compare watching EWTN to attending Mass.

In point of fact, I have never watched either "Desperate Housewives" or "Sex in the City." I thought I had made that clear; that's why I asked others about it.

I appreciate your kind intentions, but with respect, I think you're out of line.

Terry said...

Well, in the case of "Desperate Housewives," unfortunately my wife does. Followed by "Grey's Anatomy" where we're supposed to sympathize with the protagonist because her love interest, which in actuality is lust, went back to his wife.
Moronic indeed.

Anonymous said...

I've watched both. If you remove the issues of morality (not saying it's a good idea, but just for the sake of the discussion), the writing on Sex & the City was much better, with more of an arc and storylines than on DH. Sex & the City used the same formula each week - Carrie, the writer, would pose a question such as "Do we need distance to get closer?" One or more of the story lines would revolve around exploring both sides of that question (involving, of course, a lot of crass language and questionable actions). But it did at least provoke a little thought.

Desperate Housewives, on the other hand, I watched some last season but not at all now because the only thing it's become a satire of is itself - a show that's trying to be edgy, hip, sexy, dark, mysterious, funny, thought-provoking, etc. and not doing any of them very well. Storylines are scattered, often dropped and never mentioned again - they don't know what to do with it, it seems. So they rely on the scenery to carry the show (i.e., unusually skinny and beautiful women who prance around and act stupidly but look cute doing it).

Rich Leonardi said...

"Sex & the City" was narcissistic, self-absorbed and channel-changingly chatty. "Desperate Housewives" is all of these things, but one senses that in the end the wicked -- or at least the very wicked -- will get their due as the plot unfolds over the next season or two.

jenny said...

I've never seen desparate housewives, but I did watch quite a bit of Sex and the City on DVD. I never would have tuned in, but a friend had it on when I was over. It's like watching a train wreck. I would find myself yelling at the tv "No! That's not the way to find love! What are you thinking!" I would go away from each episode firmly resolved to NEVER do that to my own life. Many people in our culture do follow that sort of thinking and it's good to get insight into why people make these bad decisions.

Paul and mark anthony are both right. These women are set up as the epitome of cool and successful and they are miserable. The show clearly demonstrates that their misery is the result of their own actions.

Lighten up joeh. There can be spiritual value in even the most frivolous entertainments. Much of it depends on our own attitudes and hearts. We are called to be people of joy engaged with and part of the world around us. (BTW, I love EWTN radio, but don't get the tv channel. It's all about Catholic Answers Live.)

joeh said...

A number of years ago, I read a book published in 1930 that was written for priests. It talked about prayer life and it talked about the dangers a priest faces in life in the world. The writer was a monk who was now close to death having lived in the monestary for over 60 years. He talked a lot about battles with Satan and how Satan loved to win over priest since they were so important to so many of Christ lambs. He prayed constantly for the priests who live in the world for he knew the dangers. In the last chapter, he predicted that in the coming years there would be much scandal and many priests and bishops would be led astray while millions fell away from the Church. I found this interesting and remembered the predictions of Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae with acceptance of Birth Control in the USA. No one can doubt that the Humanae Vitae predictions have come true witnessed by "sex in the city" and "desperate housewives" being part of our day to day culture. Only years before this, women were honored rather than sex objects, pornography was almost non existent rather than coming to our young children with a daily barrage, abortion was illegal and rare, and divorce was way below today's levels. But we have been told to lighten up for years and become modern. Homosexuality is not only accepted, but speaking out with church teaching makes one a homophobe not worthy of having a voice. Now it is to elevated to the status of marriage. Lighten up.

And what of the old monks predictions? How about the priest abuse covered up by the bishops which rob the church of moral authority as Satan dances on their immortal soul. But we are to lighten up. In 1961 the lefts favority pope John XXIII said no homosexuals in the priesthood and the left said lighten up. Today, there are an unknown but too large number of homosexuals in the priesthood and now, the Church is to release a document that even allows some homosexual leaning priests in and the left is coming unglued with the call to lighten up.
We have 500,000 convicted sexual predators out on the street with who knows how many not yet convicted and can no longer allow our children to play in the yard and people say lighten up. Our children have to be watched and escorted everywhere as if they were the criminals in jail where once we played all day in the local park but we are to lighten up. I really get tired of lightening up while we slowly rot away as a society. Yes priests can have fun and laugh, but they should also like it when someone says watch out and prays for them rather than feel we have crossed some line. When we ask to simply pray about choices made and to stay alert to the one who hates you and wants your soul and hear back we have crossed the line, I must say again to pray about this. You are one of the good guys and have talent God has seen fit to bring into the priesthood to serve His children. Now in the time of scandal you need to take extra care.
As I said, I will continue to pray, but will no longer post because my intent was not to cross the line, but simply to shoot up a flare. God uses the strangest ways to communicate and for some reason, I am at your blog and have taken the time to write. God Bless.