Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bad Sunday Night Television

I thought I missed "The West Wing," due to an organizational meeting with parents and young people to begin laying the foundation for our youth ministry. (Our new youth minister did a great job. I hired him.) Ah, but it turns out "West Wing" was pre-empted by "Penn & Teller" -- as talented as they are, they hate God and love to show off their hate, so . . . I am not sorry to miss them.

Oh joy! -- I made it home in time for part two of "Catagory 7: the End of the World."

It's not quite as bad (hence good) as last week, but still pretty bad. Let's review...

Some thugs, hired by a flaked-out flunky of a televangelist, kidnap a bunch of kids. The kids see the face of one of the thugs, so they decide to waste them all. So they chase them around. They capture one of them (one of the girls! Girls can never run in TV shows -- they always get caught, because instead of running, they stand still and scream uncontrollably). Now, in case you forgot, their plan was to...kill them all. So what do they do with the girl? They drag her off and lock her in a closet. Naturally.

Tornadoes appear all over Washington -- we get to see the White House turned into splinters. The villain, naturally, gets sucked up into the vortex and disappears. (Yay!)

We never see the President; but a Senator -- a Senator! seems to be the only one running things. Along with some computer nerds in some warehouse somewhere. They tell the Senator -- we have to turn off all the power! He says (I kid you not): "our best option is to call the Department of Energy"! Hahahahahaha!

Now, it really gets good. Folks are driving all over town, while the worst storm in the history of the world is hitting. They're talking on their cell phones!!! Everything is being destroyed, right and left -- but not the cellular towers!

A couple of the computer nerds drive off to southeast Washington. To cut off the power. (Turns out the storms are caused by too much heat, generated by too much power-generation. Nasty global warming!) So if only they can sabotage a substation...they can save Washington D.C.!

Now . . . think about this: the worst storm in history -- and the whole city's power stays on the whole time!--unless our heroes (and heroines) go turn off the power!!!

Wow! I hope the Emmy nominating committee was watching this!

P.S. Doggone computer nerds actually saved Washington! I was really looking forward to total destruction!!! What a gyp!


Anonymous said...

There is no god and you know it. Come on.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Okay, I'll humor you (and myself) for awhile . . .

Do you know anything about logic?

If you do -- then I invite you to tell me just how I can . . . KNOW . . . there is NO GOD . . .

Fair warning -- you're "in for it"! Fly the white flag while you can!