Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time for a picture

...and if you think this picture has nothing in common with the previous two posts, you need to re-read your Thomas Aquinas.


Fr. Larry Gearhart said...

Since this depicts God giving Adam a stein of beer, would it, by any chance, be Sam Adams pale ale?

Father Martin Fox said...

Who knows? But I doubt it, in view of how the Boston Brewing Co. (makers of Sam Adams) treated the Lord, when it sponsored a radio contest that resulted in contestants having sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral. The on-air hosts thought this very funny (they were fired), but the Boston Brewing Co. never apologized, nor to my knowledge, even acknowledged any error or offense.

I say that, because I sent, not one but two emails to the company, asking for clarification and urging an apology, and got no response whatsoever; and I have seen nothing on this subject elsewhere.

I love Sam Adams' beer, but I am extremely annoyed that the company can't be bothered to distance itself from this sacrilegious behavior carried out with its sponsorship. Big joke. Not to me.

Father Martin Fox said...

... As it has been awhile since I looked into this Sam Adams business, I did a little more poking around online.

I found some second- and third-hand information suggesting the company had backed off, and maybe apologized, but such info is not very reliable.

So I wrote the company again. I gave them this link. Let's see what happens (not that I'm a big fish or anything).

Father Martin Fox said...


I received a prompt reply from the Boston Brewing Co. today, which I will post in a new thread.

Darwin said...

I'm inclined to believe that God would provide a Trappist brew: perhaps a trippel. Or at least a religiously-themed brew such as Salvatore.

Still, it's good to hear that Boston Brewing realized they needed to distance themselves from that kind of behavior.