Sunday, July 03, 2005

Opening Salvo

Welcome to my "blog."

(I still remember the homily -- less than a year ago -- in which I mentioned blogs; my spot-check of parishioners afterward discovered no one who knew what that is!)

In all honesty, I really have better things to do with my time; but this is what I'll do instead of worse things I do, when I'm not -- for whatever reason -- doing those better things. Such are the compromises we make. At least I'm candid.

I intend to share my thoughts, post my homilies if you really want to see them, give my friends something to do when they are wasting time on the Internet, and -- to tell the truth -- stroke my ego a little bit.

Or bruise it. Because I may, shortly, discover that, unlike some other people who make this look effortless, I am really bad at blogging. Or, worse, I may discover that regardless of the sort of blogger I am, no one will come here to find out!

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