Tuesday, July 12, 2005

T-shirt poll

Back when I worked in politics, I would have bought and worn shirts like this in a New York minute. But I'm not so sure they're just the thing for the new pastor here.

What do you think? Which shirt should I get?


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Honestly, Father, I'd be uncomfortable seeing a priest wearing such in-your-face political wear of any persuasion. I'm pretty conservative myself, but I'd rather your casual wear, if it must include message t-shirts, be more spiritual. There are lots of nice Catholic designs out there.
But I wouldn't bring it up if you didn't ask.

Fr Martin Fox said...


(Chuckling), yeah, I tend to agree. How about if I just wear it around the house, or when I go visit my right-wing friends, or go on vacation to, like, a gun collectors' convention or something?

MLA said...

Fr. personally I prefer the Club Gitmo tee shirts that Rush is selling. There are 3 styles all in prison orange they say "What happens at Gitmo, Stays in gitmo", "My Mullah went to Gitmo and all I got was this lousy tee shirt" and "I got my free Koran and prayer rug at Gitmo". The Commie tee shirts are nice but a little too subtle I think. I have a new bumper sticker you might like- "Guns don't kill people, Abortion clinics kill people".

Fr Martin Fox said...

Just to let you know what a knuckle-dragger I really am, before I entered the seminary, I had a bumper sticker that said,
"Fight Crime: SHOOT BACK!"

and another one, that said:

"I love animals: they're delicious!"

And, for awhile, I had a vanity license tag, that said:


ShadowMayhem said...

Fr., PErsonally I say get the commies arn't cool shirt.Because I think its a horrid thing to glorify the moron who spent so much time killing his own people. And too many of the young'uns don't have a clue.

Just one chiks opinion.