Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Over at Real Clear Politics you can read The Supreme Court Circus Is Coming To Town, by Thomas Lifson, who writes for The American Thinker.

Very good analysis of the Supreme Court nomination fight in the offing.

An exerpt:

So the Democrats are being forced onto a path which will alienate the swing voters it needs to win presidential elections and Senate seats in those states not firmly in the blue camp. The only question is whether or not the Republicans, long called Stupid Party for their lack of political wiles, will have the wit to get out of their way....

From my standpoint, the best nominee the President could present us with is Judge Janice Rogers Brown....

She has a very public, very articulate position on the issue of takings – where the government forces a homeowner out of a longstanding abode, merely to garner greater tax revenue, or some other advantage to itself. The Kelo decision has electrified the public more than any other Supreme Court decision since Roe itself....

Politicians and pundits have been relatively slow to pick up on the public’s anger and fear that rich developers, in concert with tax-hungry local officials, will seize their homes if property values rise to the extent that it becomes profitable for them to do so.

He makes a point about the "nuclear option" being back on the table, but he predicts it won't be necessary (good!). He seems to defer to Bush's judgment about Alberto Gonzales -- if he picks Gonzales, he must be good, and his conservative critics wrong. Trouble is, that wasn't true with O'Connor, Kennedy or Souter.

As many are saying: now Bush proves himself the prolifer he and his cheerleaders want us to believe he is.

Stay tuned.

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