Thursday, July 21, 2005

Race against Roberts

All the talk since Judge Roberts' selection for the High Court is about how nice a fellow he is, with such impressive credentials, both professional and personal. He appears to have allied himself with no controversial or socially unacceptable causes or opinions.

The Left is fuming about this -- and make no mistake, they won't give up without a hard look.

Let us name the demon, as my former pastor used to say: it is all about Roe and gay marriage; Roe for the long-term, gay marriage in the short-term.

But, the Left knows they can't derail him on that alone; certainly not on gay marriage. "Oh, whatever you do, don't throw me into that briar-patch," said Brer Rabbit; right-wingers would love to have the Left throw us all into the briar-patch of the opposition to Roberts forming up because he won't approve gay-marriage!

What the Left needs is something that will make Democrats truly fear straying, and makes Republican knees knock. And only one issue does that: RACE.

What's more, this is the one vulnerability of nominating a white man: you can accuse a white Republican man of the most outrageous things, and get away with it; where with anyone else, it would be considered indecent.

Therefore, I predict: the Left is scouring, searching, far and wide, for anything that can be offered to implicate Judge Roberts as "insensitive," or better, "a racist"!

It may not happen; but it would be their best play.

Failing that?

Something to make him look kooky; and anything that suggests he's hiding an "anti-privacy" (read Roe and gay marriage) agenda.

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