Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Don't mess with mama! (Especially if she homeschools!)

Blogging for fun has unexpected benefits: one of which is, I've gained a whole new respect for homeschooling parents, and their websites!

On Sunday, I posted my homily, as usual; not that I was embarrassed by it; but I didn't deem it particularly spectacular or noteworthy -- but just goes to show what I know!

Well, somewhere out in the virtually infinite "blogosphere," a homeschooling mom picked it up, and posted a link to it. Then another homeschooling mom; then another! Well, since then, this homily has been the hottest thing since diet pop!

Here's what that looks like, per my site meter:

Well, moms, I just want to say, I think y'all are wonderful, especially for bringing so many children into the world, and educating them! And I really am sincere, even though I realize that anyone who can generate over 400 hits on my site when you like something I say is no one to be trifled with!


Anonymous said...

Fr. Fox, you'd be amazed at how many people are homeschooling today! Back when I homeschooled my own, we were looked upon as oddities, but now it's become very common.

Homeschooling is the reason that my two youngest sons, now adults, said the Rosary with me every night for years, did a Cenacle with me once a week, and are now both 4th Degree Knights of Columbus.

Thank God for homeschooling!

K said...

Thank God for good priests! I also thank God for the opportunity to homeschool my children as this has brought us all closer to our Lord than anything else ever could have. Thank you, Father, for your willingness to share your homilies with us.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Father, it was well worth the mention.
FWIW, I am not a homeschooling mom; my kids go to Catholic schools. But having been asked point-blank by a CATHOLIC neighbor, "Why do you send them to Catholic school? Isn't CCD enough?" In my neighborhood, kids who go to parochial schools are just as rare as homeschooled ones!
I linked to your homily because you clearly explained why children DO belong IN church WITH their families. The need is so great to get that word out.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Well, thanks.

I am aware of conversations such as you mention.

Your comments, which are appreciated, have an irony for me you cannot have anticipated: in preparing that homily, I was at least as intent on making your point about CCD not being enough, than about bringing children to Mass!

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Father! :)

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd say hi. Yet another homeschooling mom who saw this linked on the blog of a homeschooling mom and linked to it herself.

And then I read some of your other homilies. And then I added your blog to my bookmarks folder.

Thanks, Father, you do good work! If we're ever in Piqua, we'll look up your parish.