Monday, May 29, 2006

Is 'Cops' a 'Girl Show'?

I had a most disturbing thought a little bit ago, as I was watching "Cops" on Court TV; I was surfing the 'net, and looked up and started noticing the commercials. First, an ad for a prescription drug for women's cramps; then, something for hair color, for women; then another ad for women, although I cannot recall what it was.

Then, I had this terrible thought: since when is "Cops" a girl show? I mean, I don't watch Lifetime, or We, or Oxygen--this was Court TV--Cops!!

Did I miss something? What's up with this?

(Anyway, I'm totally safe now: we have one of those great, cop-chase-video shows that I can never get enough of. I'm betting I won't see any "girl" ads...)


Ellen said...

You know, "Cops" isn't just for guys anymore. There are many women (including myself) who like the action of those kinds of shows. In fact, I contemplated for a long time over whether this was the career for me. But becoming an accountant seemed to be so much more exciting (ha,ha).

Anonymous said...

Of course it is a girls show!

We woen like to see the strong good Cops getting the bad guys. Kind of like modern knights.

Add to that the relationship dramas that always happen... it is a great show for women to watch.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I have to confess to enjoying Cops the odd time myself. Although People's Court is more my style, Cops has a similar benefit -- after watching it, I always realize that my day-to-day problems are not so horrible after all.

Tracy said...

Well Father, try watching a show as a family when those "girl" commericals come on and you have to explain to your 9 yo ds what Kotex are...


Unknown said...

It also can be annoying when a station runs a slew of 'men's ads', particularly some of the ones for "ED" which are filled with double entendres. I've seen the same two commercials for a particular brand run back to back, in every break in an hour show.

Anonymous said...

"Did you ever know that you're my hero....?" ;-)

Fr Martin Fox said...


What is "Beaches"? A movie, or a tv show?

Tracy, Narwen:

At times, I've thought about this, "how do you explain such-and-such to children" question.

It came up, earlier in my priesthood, when I addressed some sensitive topics in my homilies and got some feedback that grownup terminology made some parents uncomfortable, for this reason: how to explain what "contraception" or "abortion" are to kids. (I still address these issues, but I've arrived at more delicate ways to address the subjects.)

Perhaps it might be useful to assemble the questions parents actually field, and sound but sensitive answers to give.

So, Tracy, just how did you explain what kotex are?

Ellen said...

And even more uncomfortable is watching the "womens" and "mens" commercials with a teenage boy who knows what the products are for and turns beet red at the thought of sitting there with his mother while this commercial is on.

Tracy said...

Well Father, since you asked...

It's an ongoing dialogue at our house, not just "one talk". When they ask questions, we answer them as honestly and age appropriately as we can. DS already had the "biology talk" and when he asked what they were, I was hoping to get away with, "Something women have to use." But noooo, he had to know the REAL answer..."For what?"

So, I reminded him that, "Women have eggs in their uterus, and the uterus makes extra nutrients for the egg in case it becomes a baby. If that egg does not become a baby, the body needs to get rid of all the extra nutrients and padding. It does this by shedding, and that causes the woman to bleed, just a little and she has to use those so she doesn't get blood on her clothes."

I know, brutally honest, but that's the biology of it. I want them to feel comfortable asking us these things, and I don't want them to feel like there is anything shameful about these subjects.

We had to have a modified S** Talk in grade 1. When two ppl get married, they decide to make a baby. Moms and Dads have parts that fit together like a puzzle, and they have a special hug to make a baby. God blesses this hug, and a baby is made.

Now as he has gotten older, we have had more "Anatomically Correct" talks. Nine seems so young to me, BUT when you consider girls his age are doing this and kids today are so much more "wordly and aware" than we were at that age, I would rather him get the facts from us. He is very good about not sharing with others. He is starting to notice how women are dressed, comments on the literally naked women on the latest Sports Illustrated issue at the check out counters. He notices when teens are making out, which leads to talks about modesty, and our bodies being temples for the Holy Spirit, and that even kissing is a gift. Your body is a gift to give to your spouse, I pray when you are that age that you will have much more respect for girls than that to remember to guard both of your gifts until you are married. IF you really like a girl, you will remember to treasure her. Do you really want to marry someone who gives herself away to other men? (And after having been a witness to a few of these kissing sessions, this thought really grossed him out!)

*SIGH* SO many teachable moments. I pray they continue to be able to talk to us about these things, and I pray for their virtue, and for their possible future wives.

And they're not even teens yet! But the pressure is already out there.

You wanted to know,

Unknown said...

I've never seen "Beaches" but it sound perfectly dreadful. But then, I'm one of those women who'd rather watch a forensics show than a 'chick flick'....
My mother, however, is a chick flick junkie- although she also has a thing for action movies. (I've lost count of the number of times she's watched "True Lies"...)