Friday, June 16, 2006

A change in plans . . .

I was headed out to get something to eat, and see "X Men III," but alas, one of my tires was flat! So I'm back inside, awaiting AAA to show up.

You may wonder what things I did today: I found a place to get my oil changed; had them rotate the tires and flush the coolant while they were at it; I hung out at the bookstore, prayed my office, had coffee and a roll; got a haircut, and chatted with a couple of boys waiting in the barbershop.

The first boy wanted to know about my breviary: "Is that a Bible book?" I nodded; "you read that whole thing?" Yep; "What are the ribbons for?" for marking my place; and so it went. As this boy's younger brother went to get his haircut, another parent came in, with two more boys; after the second brother went for his haircut, one of the new arrivals decided to chat: "are you ____ (last boy)'s father?" No; "Why not?" This latter boy's father grinned, as I did; "well, um, because I'm not" . . . the boy paused for awhile, then asked, "well, could you be _____'s father?" This boy's father laughed as I said, "um, well, uh . . . I guess it's possible, but not very likely..." And so it went.

After lounging around the afternoon, I was going to head out, as I said, for a movie, but now I must await AAA . . .

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Anonymous said...

Wait. Let's recap. You got your car (and tires) worked on today, and THEN you got a flat? Very unfortunate. And hopefully not connected in any way.

I'm interested in your thoughts on XIII, once you actually see it. There has been an interesting discussion over at Barbara Nicolosi's PLACE about it. I'm not exactly sure what I think, but I'd like your insights, if and when you care to share them.

(Spoilers, by the way.)