Monday, June 19, 2006

Eating, Drinking & Blogging in Hampton Virginia

I'm blogging from a friendly restaurant and bar called "Marker 20" in downtown Hampton, Virginia, drinking good beer and eating tasty things: first I had some oysters (raw, of course!); they were good, but the cocktail sauce should be introduced to some horseradish; now I'm having something called "Fiery Tuna bites": chunks of tuna, cooked as you like, coated in a nice pepper sauce, served with bleu cheese dressing and celery -- for Jessica Simpson: Tuna Wings! (I have to say, these are good!

Normally I don't bring my laptop out with me; that sort of thing doesn't appeal to me. But when I'm traveling, this is something I need to do if I want to check my email.

Today was beach day; whenever I go to the beach, it's a huge production: I have to lay on the sunscreen pretty thick. As it was, I forgot to bring a hat, and I'm afraid the hair is getting thin. So as it was, I only spent a couple of hours in the sun; part of the time, I sat under the pier (free!) and watched the world go by, and watched the ocean futilely assault the continent.

Tonight, I was going to see the local minor league Tides, but my friend got delayed on his flight back, and we called it off. Tomorrow, I head up to D.C. for the musicam sacram colloquium.

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