Thursday, June 29, 2006

Habeo Internetum

I arrived home last night around 6:30, and figured I'd get caught up on email; only no Internet at home. I checked the modem -- it had but one light showing, the bottom one. I unplugged and replugged it; it would light up properly, then as I sat down, all the lights would go out again, except for the bottom one. "Oh no," I thought; "a storm fried my modem while I was away."

So, this morning, I called the cable company. The tech asked, "which light is it?" Now in daylight, I got down on the floor, and read it: "standby." "Oh, that's easy," she said--there's a button on top--press that button." Everything light up properly! Turns out "standby" is there if I want to shut down access, or something like that. "Someone must have hit that button accidentally." (Probably me!)

Maybe I really have killed too many brain cells drinking beer all these years...


Ellen said...

No, at our age, these things are senior moments.

glorybe said...

I have done the exact same thing. I got in a panic, bacause I have become a blog addict, so it didn't help matters. I have to admit, I was so relieved when I pushed the button and it worked.

Anonymous said...

And speaking of beer, your favorites?

Fr Martin Fox said...


I have two ways to answer that question, they follow herewith:

Substantive answer:

I like lots of beers, I always enjoy trying a new one. I consider fruit-flavored beer a violation of natural law and detest the addition of any fruit slices to my beer.

I like full-bodied, tasty beers, although as the memory of my 40th birthday fades, I have to watch my carbs, so I do drink light beer most of the time. My light beer of choice is Miller Light, unless I simply want alcoholic water, in which case I have Coors Light.

But for really good beer, I favor:
* Sam Adams
* Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

When it's really hot):
* Liberty Ale
--And during the Octaves of Christmas and Easter, I get:
* Anchor Steam

Entertaining answer:

I have three favorite beers...

1. Free beer,
2. Cold beer, and
3. Another beer!

Anonymous said...

I like your entertaining answers. They are my favorites as well.

I haven't tried most on your list. I will put them on my agenda... Thanks.

Chucko said...

Heheh... good answers on the beers Fr. Fox. I've not been a big Sam Adams fan historically, but having finally shed the college "drink as much as humanly possible" mentality, a more filling beer is generally more satisfying to me. Miller Light is a good standard. Killians is great from the tap, so when I go out I'll get that or Guinness which would have to be my favorite.

Anyway, the storm the other day DID fry my modem, fortunately I had a backup from previous DSL installations (having moved several times) and I installed that one instead. Turned out to be a blessing in surprise, as my connection is actually MUCH faster now.

I'm heading up to the lake this weekend, maybe I'll drop in for Mass!

Fr Martin Fox said...


You're welcome.

I will be having Mass at St. Mary's at 5, and noon, and at St. Boniface at 10:30, and preaching at St. Mary's at 9.