Sunday, June 04, 2006

El Gran Deseo del Espiritu Santo Pentecost Homily

(Today's homily was largely similar to that for the Vigil. However, I added these comments at la ultima Missa hoy.)

Today is Pentecost:
the Day the Holy Spirit came down
upon the Church for the first time.

This is also a special day
for one young lady here today.
One of our parishioners, ________,
will be confirmed,
and receive her first holy communion.
Her family is new to our parish—
we’re glad to welcome you,
and to share this day with you!

_______, today the Holy Spirit

will come upon you, with his power,
his boldness, and his assurance,
just as he did for the first Christians,
so many years ago!

Advierta lo que sucederá:
Tendré mis manos sobre Usted,
llamando abajo el Espíritu Santo en Usted.

Entonces, iré al altar,
y llamaré hacia abajo
el Espíritu Santo en el pan y el vino—
y ellos llegarán a ser
el Cuerpo y la Sangre de Cristo:
¡Que Usted recibirá hoy para la primera vez!

¡Atienda a eso!
Los manos del sacerdote sobre Usted,
entonces sobre el pan y vino!
¡Ellos son conectados!
¡El Espíritu Santo desea no sólo transformarse,
el pan y el vino en Cristo,
pero cada uno de nosotros en Cristo!

So, ______,
when you see the bread and wine
placed on the altar,
see yourself—and all of us—there as well!

I started by talking about
those people who tried
to build Babel, a city without God—
it was doomed to fail.

But you and I are invited
to help build a city with God.
The Holy Spirit is primed, ready to go.
How about you?

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