Thursday, June 15, 2006

Off to 'Ole Virginia'

After Mass this morning, I'm headed to Virginia -- first to Virginia Beach, where I'll enjoy a few days of doing very little; then to Washington D.C., for a colloquium on sacred music in the liturgy, at Catholic University of America, which will be work, but also fun, I hope! Along the way, I'll see my friends there in northern Virginia, which they refer to as "Yankee-occupied territory." Finally, back here.

Whether I shall post on my blog remains to be seen; as far as I know, unless I happen upon free wi-fi, my options are to pay for an account to use wi-fi at places like Starbucks; and I don't wish to pay again for something I have already paid for, via Roadrunner. So we'll see.


Tracy said...

Praying for a great and restful vacation and conference!

God Bless and safe journeys,


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy your trip here! I think Catholic University has some wi-fi set-ups on the campus.

Dad29 said...

DO say hello to Fr. Skeris while at CUA.

He knows my by both my blogname AND my real name.