Sunday, October 02, 2005

A couple of strange conversations

Here are a couple of strange conversations, not on the same level, which will be obvious -- but offered FWIW...

1. Today I went to see a movie; I saw "The Greatest Game Ever Played" (very enjoyable, although following a hackneyed plot line, and full of emotion-tugging moments as you'd expect). The ticket cost $6.25; I gave the clerk $10.25, pointing out the quarter I'd slipped into the little slot under the glass (why do theaters always have this glass? It reminds me of the Days Inn in South Central LA I stayed in once on a business trip).

She gave me back $3.75, ignoring the quarter.

"Wait a minute -- I gave you a quarter," I said, expecting her to give me back $4 even." "Well, it's easier that way," she said, chirpily. Then, after a beat..."Oh, did you want me to give you a dollar for four quarters?" What I really wanted to say was, "Honey, the point of customer service is to make it easier for the customer, not to make it easier for the employee..." but I smiled and moved on.

2. Last Thursday I was visiting Catholic patients at the hospital. One woman had her daughter visiting. When distributing the Eucharist in the hospital or home, it's appropriate to give communion to any family or friends present as well; but I also know they may not be Catholic, or may not be active; so I try to broach the question delicately. In this case, the daughter indicated she wasn't really a Catholic (I suspect she'd been baptized, but never catechized); when she shook her head no, the mother said: "it's only a wafer..."

I quickly picked my jaw up from the floor and muttered something like, "receiving the Eucharist is an act of faith, saying, 'I'm a Catholic'--if you want to become Catholic, I'll help you, but--this is not the time..."


Paul, just this guy, you know? said...

Do you give the "only a wafer" to the mother?

Fr Martin Fox said...

I did give her Holy Communion.

Anonymous said...

If that was the mother's attitude, no wonder her daughter dropped it. Catholicism is unnecessary work if it's not true!