Friday, October 07, 2005

Invest in this Blog!

Here's something fun: someone has created a "blog stock market" called Blogshares. This link will take you to my page there, where you can -- if you wish -- buy and sell shares in this blog!

Don't worry, it's not real money: you create a free account, you get free "blog dollars" and you can invest in the blog of your choice.

Stock tip: The "analysts' report says, "This is a growing blog (BUY)"; and "This stock is underpriced (BUY)"

1 comment:

Darwin said...

Almost as fun, to my mind, is the TTLB ecosystem ranking, which ranks you somewhere between a single celled organism and a 'higher being' based on the number of people linking to you.

Thus, one can excitedly watch oneself 'evolve' as one gains links.