Sunday, October 30, 2005

Thuggery is not what Leo had in mind

Right to Work is, as readers know, a cause dear to my heart. I insist that the legitimate rights of working people to form and support unions must naturally include the freedom of individual workers to opt in, or out -- without losing their jobs, or being discriminated against.

This seems a fairly clear principle; and I invite an on-point response. Such on-point responses don't happen. People who believe in unions (which I don't quarrel with; I am affirming your right to choose a union) will, instead, change the subject, or simply manifest a massive blind spot to the fundamental issue of coercion. There is this sense of entitlement, on the part of many union activists, when it comes to thuggish behavior; so just is their cause that the rules don't apply to them.

Here's an example; those who say such instances are isolated are kidding themselves or simply naive. (Hattip to my neighbor in the blog'hood, Southern Appeal.)

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