Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day Soiree a success!

Well, the seminarian staying with me this summer (who shall remain nameless for the protection of his reputation) and I have just finished putting away everything -- well, everything we need to put away -- after the 4th of July cookout. The fireworks start at 10; I'm hoping I can see them from my porch, because I really don't want to drive up the 1 mile or so, up to the park, for that at this point.

The grill required far more assembly than I reckoned for; if you had driven by my house today, you would have seen me, in shorts and a tshirt, lying on the ground amidst cardboard and plastic wrappings, as I screwed this thing together. Alas, I couldn't find my socket-wrench set -- which I'll find once I get a new one; so I made do with a vise-grip and a wire-clipper (as well as screwdrivers). The directions told me, up front, I'd need a hammer -- but there was no call for it; I'm thinking, that was in case I got really frustrated. . .

I started assembling the grill around 1 pm; got it all finished around 4; everyone coming at 5! Plenty of time to get the lawn furniture out of the shed (the seminarian graciously volunteered to hose it all down -- his arm doesn't hurt too badly), then I put all the drinks outside in a cooler, then waited for folks to show up. It all came together, and the rain held off, and it was even kind of cool, since it'd been cloudy most of the day!

Believe it or not, some Spanish-speaking folks stopped by to talk to me -- they wanted their baby baptized, but we have to do it pronto! because some family from Mexico is heading back home Thursday! With some pidgen Spanish, I said we'd work it out for manana noche.


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

I was out cycling on July 4th, 2006 in Topeka, KS, trying to find-out why they didn’t have a ‘Go Fourth’ at WU, and found a dead, baby doll with one arm on Mayberry Street, the other one was broken-off. I guess you could make TEN-thousand-one statements of what that symbolizes. I hung it up on a hook, which is how I wanna be martyred (hung, shot, guillotined, or pulled-apart by four-horses when a shotgun is fired. Guess you‘d call that ‘Quarter-Horsing-Around’ HawrHawr). Nevertheless, my interpretation is this: America, in it’s infancy, has no bloody idea of how much we owe the King of Kings, God Almighty, for our well-being in this Land-of-the-Free; That also makes me realize, by her lying broken in the street, how blatantly callous we are toward the unborn, as girls in short-shorts practically wanna. Who the Hell is Jesus? There were monks, too, in the Middle Ages, even now, who have literal skulls on their desk to remind them they are passing-away. Don’t know? Don’t even care? You had your chance in this Finite Existence: Some souls do go to the Abyss. “SoBeIt,” saith the Trinity. “Let the Angel of Death descend.” --- I'm very angry due to our happy, intoxicated society which replaces God with MSNBC.

My URL instructs us about our Eternity (sign the guestbook): How inevitably both are determined and molded by the choices we make in our voyage home to the Father; This URL is both a stairway AND a roadmap TO that Utopian Domicile. Step out in faith: Experience the Awesome Reality of God.

You're the spark. You're a warrior. You're His treasure. He deemed it so. Your service is good. Your love towards God is better. How He yearns to welcome us into His everlasting home beyond death's horizon: With such a price-tag on our souls, human beings are clearly precious beyond diamonds. You must abandon all fear of Him and know that He is all love.

Say this: 'Father, I love you and I give myself to you.' And He wills that you inherit His Kingdom... PEACE. You ARE loved by the Trinity. See beyond the illusion: Read Daniel 12:3

IN HOC SIGNO + VINCES: Crux Sacre Sit Mihi Lux! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!!!

duchessSoF said...

you know, koldkadavr posted a bigger non-sequitor than I ever could, so I will instead just ask you this Father...

Where is your conversion story in detail?

As a Prot with Catholic leanings...I am very very interested/intrigued on how somebody could go from RCC --> Pentecostal --->back to RCC again as a FATHER PRIEST.