Thursday, July 13, 2006

Will gays desecrate the Holy City?

According to the Washington Post, a "gay pride" event and march is planned for the holy city, Jerusalem (click the headline to read the article).

Remarkably, this has united Jews, Christians and Muslims -- in opposition to the march.

Well, what does one make of this?

My thoughts:

1. Someone in the article said, it's "provocative" and "a PR stunt." Well, duh, isn't that what marches are?

2. I can't say I'm "for" it; but I don't like being on the same side as Muslim "clerics," either. Hmmm.

3. I do believe in freedom of speech; so I agree with the person in the article, identified as Catholic, who said, "they have the right to march." Of course, it would help if this group doesn't treat everyone to the usual freak show (and please don't get all huffy on me -- you know exactly what I'm talking about).

4. One group, supposedly Jewish, actually posted signs offering bounties for people to be killed. What can I say to that, other than vomiting? All this admidst all the ugliness that has stained this city seemingly forever. Who's really desecrating the Holy City?

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