Thursday, July 13, 2006

Markos "Daily Kos" Moulitsas Zúniga and Anne Coulter to attempt gay marriage; Archbishops Milingo and Stallings to preside

Sorry, just a shameless attempt to boost my site meter statistics! Made you look, though!


Orange_Cross said...

I saw Jesus on a hill in a dream
I did not recognize him
He had no cross, or crowd or flock
he looked like an ordinary man
wondering about a gay brother
a gay brother who he loved
a gay brother who was fun
a musician and a teacher
and a good friend and handsome man
and he stooped down and drew a figure in the sand
two stick figures holding hands, a heart and a dove and he cried
like a mortal man who doesn't know the mercy of God, who knows the mercy of God? There's nothing to regret, from one begat without a mortal father, that a couple of men might not bear sons, but that the people know not what they do shuffling their feet, kicking up the dust, from which we all are made.

Anonymous said...

So Father, - I read the blog - yes, you made me look - then chuckle and I popped on to bust your chops about being a little measure driven - a little competitve. Not a bad thing - get's things done but, of course, can be taken to an unhealthy extreme. And as someone who also has these traits - I certainly can see them when they show up.

Then - I see the first post and I am annoyed - I think. My first read through basically says that our actions don't really matter, God doesn't care and Jesus doesn't have his wounds or cross - following Him doesn't matter. (So hey - neither does sinful behavior - in this case homosexual behavior.) I read it several times - and maybe I'm just missing the subtle points - but I've decided that my first read is correct. In which case - so why bother? If Jesus didn't die and rise and there is no sin and our behavior doesn't count - then, even if there is a God - WHO CARES. What a sad and miserable state. If you beleive that - than why do you care what other people think? It doesn't matter. Unless - you just like a lot of people telling you this same drivel - to make you feel better - because somewhere - deep in your heart - you know - this doesn't make sense and you lack the courage to confront the small, quiet voice and follow HIM.

I will pray for him.

Keep up the good work Father - wish I could hear your homily this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Kos and Coulter would never last. That'd be sort of like having Mary Matalin married to James Carville. Absurditas.

(Oh, wait.)

Actually, I've always wondered why that one worked out. Yet another sign that "love conquers all."

Anonymous said...

Actually, I see the first comment in this thread, almost as a parable.

Jesus crying for others, who are searching, and hurting, perhaps lost, perhaps more found than we

Anonymous said...

Father, i just can't believe your getting all these comments for this post! hahaha