Sunday, July 23, 2006

Learn to drive online--FREE

Thanks to the efforts of two members of Congress, it is now possible to learn -- and practice -- driving online!

I checked it out; there's no charge, the software is very easy to download and it takes only a few minutes to get into it.

Try it out here.

Biretta tip: Redstate


Anonymous said...

Why did you have to bring this up? It's almost as fun and time-gobbling as online euchre ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm a catholic though.... I'm glad you came back to the church... I had my own moments when i decided i didnt believe in God anymore. I must have been about 14 then.. I'm 23 now and i'm glad there is a God. I just wish i had more time for him....:(...

Anywasy i'm interested in learning how to drive.... yes even i can't believe i dont drive at my age... thanks for the link.