Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Drink, drink, drink!

First, Cato Institute operative Radley Balko wrote "Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense" in yesterday's Washington Post.

Then, Fr. Jim Tucker from Dappled Things shows up and says, "buy that man a drink!"

Then Amy Welborn from Open Book shows up, sniffs his glass and shakes her head.

Fr. Jim, undaunted, says, jovially, "Loosen up, Amy baby! Have a snort!"

Just to be neighborly, they are both welcome to come over, ahem, to my blog (I need the traffic!) to hash it out. I'll serve anything; I won't card Fr. Jim, no matter how annoyingly youthful he looks, and I won't let Amy dope-slap him.

Whilst I wait for them to arrive--Amy took Fr. Jim's keys, so she's driving--I'll put on my "Student Prince" CD. To see the lyrics to its most famous song, click the headline above.

And if Rich Leonardi from Cincinnati decides to get in on this: I won't let you, Rich, unless you brought some gutt Mettwurst und Bratwurst from Zinzinnati!

Photo courtesy of Dziadzu's Homebrewing (not that I asked permission, or anything...)

1 comment:

Rich Leonardi said...

The metts are in the mail.

I'm with Amy on this one. When I was a teenager, everybody headed-over to "Mike O's" house because his parents let us drink in his basement. The thought was, "better here than on the street".

The result was simply more drinking, with the benefit of occasionally doing some of it in Mike O's basement.