Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Seduction of Harry Blackmun

RealClearPolitics links to a fascinating account of how Harry Blackmun, author of the worst bit of jurisprudence in human history, Roe v. Wade, was won over to the Dark Side: Blackmun's slide into the liberal cauldron.

Interestingly, something similar happened to Anthony Kennedy, who initially voted, in 1993, to overturn Roe, then allied himself with the Blackmun et al. and saved abortion-on-demand in America.

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Anonymous said...

I heard Scalia talking recently and he said part of the problem with Judges are they are courted by the press and like to be viewed as up to date modern. They also now go to these worldwide conferences where they hear vast left wing foreign judges talk about law. We just saw the results of this recently when foreign laws were quoted in a Supreme Court decision. I think we need to keep the judges in a box with only the constitution they are sworn to uphold in there with them and let them out to hear a case and then shut them back up again. some of these fools see their role as saving America when they see the legislature not moving fast enough for them. The true left sees the court as their only hope for their agenda which is why they are fighting so hard to keep any conservative out.