Wednesday, August 10, 2005

What's wrong with wine in a box?

My last assignment was at a very nice, well-to-do, suburban parish, with a pastor who I respect immensely who was kind, generous, wise, supportive, and a great mentor. Among the less significant influences he had on me was introducing me to box-wine.

I'm sitting here now, drinking some "white zinfindel" (uh, but it's pink) out of a box (actually, I'm drinking from a glass; it would be awkward to drink it from the box, though I'm open to trying if anyone has a suggestion on how).

Do you think this is bad? Any wine snobs want to comment?


Rich Leonardi said...

What's wrong with boxed wine?

It's so ... utilitarian, treating the wine-drinking experience like a trip to a filling station.

Joubert said...

Hi Martin,

I'm a wine snob (well, I would be if I could afford it.) I started drinking boxed wine when I realized that it kept better in a box than an opened bottle. It's perfect for when you only want one glass not a whole bottle. I prefer Peter Vella to Franzia.

I found your blog from a comment you left over on another blog.

Congratulations on not being called a "progressive."

I'm looking forward to reading your blog and will bookmark it. I joined the Marist Brother for 2 years but I don't go to church anymore. Well, I tried last Easter and went to mass for the first time in 40 years but found it just as boring as usual.

Fr Martin Fox said...


Welcome to my blog, and thanks for your comments and your bookmark!

I have Vella in my fridge right now!

I'm sorry for your bad experience at Mass; if there's anything I can do, of course I would be happy to do so.

Joubert said...

Hi Martin,

I din't have a "bad" experience. In fact it was quite interesting since I had never been to a "modern" non-Latin Mass. So I went back again the next Sunday. That's when I realized that, no matter how much I liked the community, I'm just not a church person.

Fr Martin Fox said...

To Rich (if you come back this way anytime soon...)

I just finished off this "box" and in dismantling it, of course I found it's a plastic bag inside. And I thought, "hmm, what does this remind me of?" Then I realized -- why, of the way they kept wine in Our Lord's time: wineskins?

Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Drinking wine from a box is like drinking beer from a can. You haven't tried to smash any wine boxes against your forehead, have you?

Fr Martin Fox said...

anon - not yet!