Thursday, August 11, 2005

I hate Adobe

Does anyone else hate "Adobe Acrobat" the way I do? Am I wrong, or is this an almost useless, waste-of-software program?

It takes so long to open; it often jams up; it frequently asks me if I want to "update," and when I say "yes," it does some weird thing that makes no sense to me, but what it DOESN'T do is actually help me.

It wastes my time. And most software I use works pretty well; Adobe is crap!

Is there something ELSE out there that does what Adobe promises to do? Am I missing something? Am I doing something wrong?


Jeff Miller said...

Your not the first and some have even called the PDF format evil. The problem of course is not in the format but the bloated software used to display them.

I use the Foxit reader which will read pdf files quickly and with a single exe.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Thanks, Jeff - I'm checking it out right now...

Kelly Thatcher said...


Yeah, but, once again, this program isn't available for us Macsters.

So many software developers (especially the ones offering their products for favorite word!) don't seem to have internalized today's first Reading! ;-)

P.S. By the way, Father, you've got a spammer in your midst in the comment area of your homily today.