Friday, August 05, 2005

Sweat & Sanctity

Wednesday night, I joined a group of young(er) people in Sidney, Ohio, which is 10 miles north of Piqua, and the seat of Shelby County -- hence, "the big city" hereabouts.

My brother priest, Rev. James Reutter, parochial vicar at Holy Angels Parish, in Sidney, who also teaches at Father Lehman High School there, organized this with another fellow priest, Rev. Frank Amberger, as a forum for high school and college kids to get together over the summer for a little faith-building and fun.

I was the guest speaker; I gave a talk on faith and politics, and led the rosary at the end. At the instigation of Fr. James, I did some of the prayers in Latin. Given the heat, and -- due to my clerical dress -- my having the heat-absorbing properties of asphalt, I opted out of Frisbee Football (but I did play the last time).

One more week this summer; look for it next summer!

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