Saturday, August 20, 2005

Enviromental Neo-paganism is whacked!

Environmentalism is, theoretically, a legitimate and moral concern: we should be good stewards of Creation. In reality, however, it is a quasi-religion, and a dark and decadent one at that -- appeals to reason are suspect, if not banished.

You don't believe me? Try telling a dedicated Greenie you don't care to recycle, and step back for the reaction (never mind that recycling is mostly harmful, because it wastes more resources than it recaptures).

In fact, the more fervent environmentalism is a kind of Wagnerian paganism -- paganism because it worships created things; Wagnerian because it is often so gloomy, and often predicts (and seems to look forward to) a cataclysmic Twilight of the rotten human race that has ruined everything!

Well . . . it's just about all rot and garbage, intellectually bankrupt, a kind mental solitary vice (I didn't want to offend you, dear reader, with the "m" word).

Every once in awhile this crowd hits upon a fact or an insight, rather like a blind squirrel finds nuts -- and it's enough to re-energize the religion.

But it's all whacked. Click the headline for another example of why.

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Anonymous said...

If I hear of any whacko idea, I can be sure there will be a democrat standing nearby with some group. The party of FDR with a strong majority in the south was blue color conservative fighting for the working man. They are now long gone with their abandonment of everything truly American, religious, or defense oriented. Now they are for rights of the individual no matter what it is they think they should have. Abortion, gay rights, green rights, illegal immigrants rights, ACLU rights, trial lawyers rights. and pro tax. The list is endless. The good old republicans are still for the rich in a lot of ways. but they are also pro life, for a strong defense, pro family, pro religion, and for ending the reign of trial attorneys, but have started to spend like democrats. I still think we need a third party that pulls from both parties to have one pro working man, pro life, pro family, pro religion, pro judges who do not legislate, low government spending and taxes, and pro environmental policies that make sense economincally.